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The Sweet Bean

The Sweet Bean 

Welcome, friends and neighbors! We want to start by saying, “Thank You!” for stopping by our site.  We are so excited to be bringing The Sweet Bean to East Nashville, and we’d love you to know a little more about us, and how our vision came to life!

My husband, Dave, and I (Julia) are a husband-wife music duo.  We have been writing and singing together for many years here in town.  When we first married in 2010, we knew we wanted to spend our forever in East Nashville, and bought the 924 Mcferrin Ave. home shortly after. At the time, we were told there was talk of a burger/beer garden and a taco place across the street.  Seven years later, two of the best restaurants, The Pharmacy and Mas Tacos, are located within steps of our home. Now, with all the people waiting in line and living in the community, we decided to do something creative, fun, and that would add more smiles to this already amazing corner.  After talking with family and friends, we finally landed on the idea of…

The Sweet Bean!  

We aim to be a fun atmosphere where you can spin your own cotton candy, get a cup of hot chocolate, delicious coffee (fresh to order), and a variety of candy that will transport you back to your childhood. We’d like to give you an opportunity to share that same feeling, and create new memories with those you love!

Our location, “The Barn,” is a turn-of-the-century carriage house re-built in the 50’s to accommodate advances in transportation.  All the wood removed during renovations was restored and reused.  The framed 1951 Dick Tracy comic on the wall was found in the foundation, and an old Tennessee license plate from 1952 is also displayed on the wall.  We want to highlight the fun things found during renovations, because we believe it adds a bit of whimsy to an already impressive and historical place.

We have BIG plans for our corner and can’t wait to share The Sweet Bean with our community!  Welcome!!

Dave and Julia

Spin Your Own Cotton Candy

Fun for all ages